The Nimb ring is a panic button that sits on your finger

Whenever you’re in danger, usually the last thing you're able to do is get to your phone and call your friends and family – that’s why the Nimb has put a panic button in a much easier to reach place.

The device has a button at the back of the ring so you can alert loved ones of your location when you feel in danger.

The small button can be pressed with your thumb on the same hand and if you hold it for three seconds it will send your location and an alert to preset responders. 

Hit it in a panic

It may sound like you would be able to hit this button by mistake, but we used the Nimb ring at the Wearable Technology Show 2017 in London and it’s certainly difficult to press by accident.

The device will also vibrate when the button is being pressed, so you’ll feel it on your finger if you're holding it down by accident.  There's also the option to cancel the alert within 15 seconds if you've pressed it by mistake.

The silver button sits on the back left of the ring

The silver button sits on the back left of the ring

The obvious flaw: the Nimb ring is a large device that many could find uncomfortable on the finger, although in terms of aesthetics there's the choice of either black or white, and a variety of sizes to choose from.

Surprisingly, it'll only need recharging every two weeks, so in order to feel safe you’ll need to remember to recharge this every fortnight.

Nimb has an app that will work on your iPhone or Android device to share your location and includes your medical profile too, so is especially useful for the elderly or anyone with a serious medical condition.

You can pre-order the ring in the US now from the official Nimb website for $129.99 (about £105, AU$170) with the company aiming to ship orders in the next few weeks. The company wants to release in the UK soon but there's no word on an Australian launch.

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