The Nikon D750 successor's leaked specs suggest it will be a Z6 for DSLR fans

Nikon D760
Nikon D760 (Image credit: Nikon)

Most new full-frame cameras these days have mirrorless designs, but there are still new DSLR equivalents en route for those like optical viewfinders – a successor to the popular Nikon D750 has just had its specs and release date leaked. 

According to usually reliable Nikon Rumors, the camera won't be called the Nikon D760, instead getting a model number between the D750 and D800 to reflect its status as a model that will sit between the two existing cameras.

As expected, the apparently leaked specs suggest that the D750's successor will have much in common with the mirrorless Nikon Z6 – apart from, of course, the presence of an optical viewfinder and a DSLR-style autofocus system that'll have around 105 AF points.

So what else does Nikon's latest (and perhaps last) new full-frame camera have in store? It'll apparently have a 24MP back-illuminated sensor, which are traditionally better in low light, and a higher ISO range than even the top-end Nikon D850.

There will also be 4K video recording (albeit at 30fps rather than 60fps), along with a 120fps option at 1080p, which will both be a boost on the D750. 

A DSLR for 2020

Nikon Rumors claims the D750's successor, which could be called the D770 or D790, will be released in 2020, with an announcement possibly coming "as early as January-February". Considering the D750 was originally announced in September 2014, it's certainly long overdue.

So why would you buy a DSLR in 2020 when there are so many great mirrorless options around? While the D750's successor would certainly be relatively niche, there are still good reasons to go for a DSLR instead.

One of the main ones is battery life, with a DSLR's size and optical viewfinder allowing it to take around three times as many shots per charge as a mirrorless equivalent. Those who have grown up with optical viewfinders may also still prefer their bright, lag-free experience over EVFs (electronic viewfinders).

Whatever your preference, the Nikon D750's successor is certainly shaping up to be a good alternative to its main rival, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. We'll bring you official news as soon as we get it.



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