The most overpriced laptop of 2020 seems to be giving it another try in 2021

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2
(Image credit: Even Blass / Voice)

A brand new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 leak is showing what the still-rumored laptop may look like in early 2021, and it seems more red than ever. No word on if it'll be ultra-expensive like its predecessor.

Renders of the Galaxy Chromebook 2, first posted to Voice by tech leaker Evan Blass, echo what we saw from the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook at CES 2020 – the overall color choice, design and port locations appear to be the same. 

Here's what may be different in 2021: the Intel processor deserves an upgrade, and we expect reliability improvements to justify this Chromebook's inevitably lofty price. The original was 2020's most overpriced laptop – even if it was gorgeous.

But will the price change?

It's going to be hard to top the design of the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. We felt that between the 4K AMOLED display and the exquisite quality of the chassis, it was easily one of the more gorgeous machines we'd ever gotten our hands on – even if it was really expensive for a Chromebook.

There will be a single-colored body, if Blass' leak turns out to be accurate, ditching the two-tone look of Samsung's last Galaxy Chromebook. We're unsure if it looks better this way, but from the render still looks gorgeous, so maybe we can just leave that question for our eventual Galaxy Chromebook 2 review.

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