The Mandalorian season 2 casts Terminator's Michael Biehn in an exciting role

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The Mandalorian season 2 has cast Terminator's Michael Biehn as a bounty hunter who crosses paths with Mando, it's been revealed. This follows the recent revelation that The Clone Wars favorite Ahsoka Tano will be played by Rosario Dawson in the next set of episodes, which are due to release in October on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Making Star Wars first broke the story, with THR confirming its validity. Bounty hunters, of course, are iconic in the Star Wars universe, with characters like Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk and even Dengar being memorable for older generations of Kenner figure-hoarding Star Wars fans. 

It's not clear who Biehn will be playing, but Making Star Wars also reveals that comedian Bill Burr will be returning in the next season as the character Mayfield. You may remember him from episode 6 of season 1, 'The Prisoner', the heist-style episode. Burr's strong Bostonian accent led many to wonder where 'Space Boston' exists in the Star Wars universe. He was certainly an unforgettable guest star. 

What we're expecting next season

This is starting to sound like a thrilling follow-up year for the Star Wars TV series. We've got encounters with Jedi and bounty hunters confirmed, not to mention plenty of lingering story elements from last season's finale to pay off. 

Our guess is that The Mandalorian will roughly stick to the template of its first year: mostly episodic, which allows for a lot of changes in location and encounters with different characters, but with serialized elements to give the show a sense of momentum. Other actors due to return next season include Gina Carano (Cara Dune), Carl Weathers (Greef Karga) and Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon).

UK fans are just starting to get The Mandalorian. The first two episodes are available now, and the third will be available this Friday at 8am GMT.

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