The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro might bring back an iconic feature the Watch 5 Pro lacks

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on a log
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series of smartwatches lack their predecessor’s iconic bezel controls, but the rotating bezel might be making a return with the Galaxy Watch 6.

The Galaxy Watch bezel was a ring that rotated around the face, allowing users to control the device. In our Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review we called it an "intuitive" control method, and in our Galaxy Watch 3 review we said the bezel made scrolling through menus "a genuine joy."

Unfortunately, the regular Galaxy Watch 4 lacked the bezel, and things got worse for bezel lovers with the release of the Galaxy Watch 5 line, as every model lacked the feature. The Galaxy 5 watches did include digital bezels – which we highlighted in our Galaxy Watch 5 review – but for many uses the virtual replacement lacks the satisfying tactile nature of a proper clicking ring.

Is the bezel's return too good to be true?

Now the bezel might be making a comeback, with South Korean tech leaker Super Roader claiming that the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro may readopt the iconic control (via Wareable).

As with all leaks, we have to take Super Roader’s claims with a pinch of salt. Even though he reportedly has a decent track record, and is apparently a former Samsung employee, there’s no guarantee this latest leak is accurate. We won’t know for certain what the Galaxy Watch 6 will look like until it launches, which we expect will be later this year.

That said, the return of the rotating bezel certainly isn’t the strangest Galaxy Watch rumor we’ve heard. Alongside reports that the Galaxy Watch 6 should get a battery life boost, a future Galaxy Watch model is reportedly set to include a secret built-in projector – and while we have argued for smartwatches to embrace their weird side, we can’t help but feel that a projector would be taking things a little too far.

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