The best Netflix soundtracks are now on Spotify, from Cowboy Bebop to Squid Game

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Spotify has launched a new hub featuring soundtracks from many of the best Netflix shows, which could be a fantastic addition if a particular piece of music caught your ear while binging your new favorite Netflix series.

As reported by The Verge (opens in new tab), Spotify's Netflix hub is available to both Spotify Premium subscribers and free users (though in the latter case, you will still need to listen to ads between songs), and includes tunes from popular shows like Squid Game, Cowboy Bebop and Bridgerton. A selection of official Netflix podcasts have landed on the streaming platform, too.

In addition to all this new content, Netflix has also released an "enhanced album experience" for its latest original movie, The Harder They Fall. The Idris Elba-led Western film features music by Kid Cudi, Jay-Z and more.

The addition of Netflix content to Spotify shouldn't be a surprise, and actually feels a little overdue. Spotify has partnered with entertainment giants in the past, including Disney.

The two companies previously worked to bring a Disney hub to the music streaming platform, loaded with playlists and soundtracks featuring iconic songs from Disney's rich entertainment history.

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We couldn't be happier that in the many years since its launch, Spotify has experimented with bringing a variety of music to its platform. You can listen to most of your favorite bands and artists no problem, which is great, but what's equally impressive is that the music streaming app is host to a variety of fantastic soundtracks, too.

Spotify doesn't just play host to movie and TV show soundtracks, though, as gaming is also hugely represented on the platform. Soundtracks from series like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Assassin's Creed, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more enjoy representation on Spotify, and it only helps add to the service's variety.

The addition of Netflix soundtracks in particular could prove to be important leverage over the competition. Movie and TV show soundtracks aren't easy to come by on other platforms, like YouTube Music, where content uploaded in an unofficial capacity more often than not leads to content strikes against uploaders. 

Having Netflix playlists and soundtracks readily available on Spotify, then, takes much of the headache out of not just finding music from your favorite shows, but also being able to stream the audio at a higher quality than what might otherwise be available.

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