B&O's Beosound Edge is an expensive, awesome sculpture and speaker in one

Beosound Edge

Just in time for IFA 2018, Bang and Olufsen has launched the Beosound Edge home speaker – which, according to the designer, “sits on the edge of consumer electronics and gallery-worthy sculpture”.

The coin-shaped wireless speaker has been created in collaboration with modern designer Michael Anastassiades. The speaker itself is a metallic 3D circle, with a black matte fabric top and polished aluminium sides. Bang and Olufsen is expected to release new fabric colors over time.

Here’s the most interesting part

Although the Besound Edge has an undeniably imaginative and contemporary design, it’s the functionality itself which is most intriguing. The speaker not only looks unusual, but uses its shape to create a unique user experience.

By rocking the speaker back and forth, you can increase and decrease the volume – with the device rolling back to its original position when released. However, if you don’t want the rather large device taking up room on your floor, you can hang it up as a wall sculpture. 

Beosound Edge

What about the sound?

The Beosound Edge has proximity sensors that bring the the aluminium interface to life when you approach it. You then start, stop and skip taps which a simple tap on the surface. You can also control the direction of the sound using the Bang and Olufsen app.

The speaker contains a 10” woofer bass driver on one side, and a 4” midrange and ¾ tweeter on both sides. Additionally, the Beosound Edge debuts the Active BassPort 1 which provides accurate sound reproduction at lower volumes and more energized bass at higher volumes.

If that’s not enough, the Beosound Edge comes with Play 2, Chromecast2 and Bluetooth, while also supporting voice interaction when paired with either a Google Assistant-enabled speaker or an Amazon Echo device.

How much does it cost?

The Beosound Edge is retailed at a hefty £2,900 (about $3,700, AU$5,100) and will roll out to selected retailers in November this year. Can’t wait that long? The speaker is being showcased at IFA 2018

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