The AR Apple Glasses could arrive with a modular design

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There's been plenty of buzz around the idea of Apple launching some augmented reality specs in the style of Google Glass, but as yet nothing has been made official. Now a newly published patent suggests the wearable could have a modular design.

As reported by Patently Apple, the documents show detachable arms at the side of the specs, allowing you to swap different modules in and out. You could have a pair of Apple Glasses for every occasion.

The patent particularly points to a high resolution display, long battery life, and a compact form factor as features that users will be looking for. One pair of glasses could be designed for low battery use in the outdoors, while another ups the visual resolution for when you're at home and close to a charger.

Offering different types of prescription lenses is another possible use of this modular technology, as mentioned by the patent. Some Apple Glasses owners could have several pairs that they're able to swap between.

Apple Glasses patent

(Image credit: Patently Apple)

The arms of the specs could come carrying different components too, in the form of differently sized batteries or display drivers with different capabilities. Again, you might be able to pick the ones that best match your requirements at any given time.

As always with patent applications, this isn't confirmation that the Apple Glasses will definitely end up having these features – but it does show the ideas that Apple is thinking about, and that it may try and work into the finished product.

Considering how long rumors have been swirling around Apple AR specs, it seems like one of those products that the company is trying to get absolutely right before it goes on sale. Google took the opposite approach, releasing the first version of Glass almost as a beta.

We've seen multiple reports that the Apple Glasses are slated for a 2022 reveal, though that is of course subject to change. When they do appear, don't be surprised if they have some kind of modular component – or can even fit an iPhone.

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