YouView users will finally be able to search live TV

YouView users will finally be able to search live TV
A new update on the way

YouView is finally adding live TV to the search functionality of its boxes, allowing you to look for programmes that will air in the next seven days. It's a belated improvement to the functions we covered in our YouView review in August.

Given YouView's rivals, you might be surprised that the functionality was not already present - but for owners of Humax YouView boxes that frustration will last only "a couple of weeks" as the update is rolled out.

There's also the promise that the BT and TalkTalk boxes will get the update shortly afterwards, taking the YouView system a step closer to being competitive with its rivals and beyond the "carcass" service that Lord Sugar described at launch.

Search ahead

The new feature will show up on an "On Now and Next" tab, and allows you to set a recording or a reminder. Previously you had to look through the listings manually to set recordings.

The update also brings support for Dolby surround sound over HDMI and an HDMI setting that allows you to set an output preference.

The update is obviously a real boon for YouView users, bringing functionality that is critical to any self-respecting TV service.

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