YouView formally looking for content providers

YouView - coming 2011
YouView - coming 2011

You View has formally asked for people who want to create channels or offer on demand programming on the forthcoming IPTV platform to make their interest know.

YouView represents a push by major UK broadcasters and communications companies to set down a unified platform for IPTV.

With the likes of the BBC, ITV, BT and Channel 4 involved, the project is being hailed as potentially one of the biggest IPTV platforms that the UK will see.

Content needed

And now it is seeking content for the platform, asking for formal expressions of interest from content providers "looking to make their content available on the open internet-connected TV environment" as part of a new 'industry engagement program'.

Accprdiong to YouView, the first phase is to identify a 'small number' of auio and video content providers at first – with apps and IP channels brought in at a later date.

Richard Halton, CEO, YouView, said: "I'm delighted to launch our industry engagement programme and look forward to seeing the response from across the UK's rich and vibrant content community."


"Our ambition is to open up the TV screen to content providers who until now have been unable to build an audience, bringing viewers a brilliant choice of content," he added

"YouView is creating an open environment for content providers to play in and this will take some technical innovation.

"To develop the most effective processes for content providers we need to at first work closely with a few that can prove our model and ensure it's scalable.

"Our plan is to extend the programme out as we start to build common expertise and get more great content on board."

"We're seeing a vibrant ecosystem developing in the IPTV market and are also committed to helping this flourish and grow in the best way to meet the needs of content providers."

YouView is scheduled to launch in 2011.

Patrick Goss

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