Watch out Kinect, Apple TV might soon have its own gesture controls

Watch out Kinect, Apple TV might soon come with cameras
Apple's got the technology, we know that much

Some new Apple job listings suggest that Apple TV may be in line to get some interesting motion controls.

A bunch of new advertisements have just shown up on Apple's job site for various camera-related jobs, including one for an 'Algorithm Development Engineer'.

The job description for that one reads: "The Camera Software team provides the capture and camera foundation across all of Apple's innovative products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV."

It's not the only camera-related position that mentions Apple TV, either. The box also gets a shout-out in the description for a 'Camera Tuning Framework Engineer.'

Future vision

However, it could well be the case that this is just Apple using boilerplate text, but it's not the only suggestion that Cupertino might soon roll some sort of sensor into Apple TV.

The first hints were actually dropped last year when Apple bought PrimseSense, the Israeli 3D sensor company that built the tech for Microsoft's first Xbox Kinect.

If Apple's doing its own Kinect then it would make perfect sense to bake it into its TV box, even if it doesn't surface for some time yet. It could also align nicely with rumours that Apple TV will soon have a big focus on gaming.

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