Loewe Connect paves way for multimedia TVs

High-end consumer electronics firm Loewe is about to launch an all-new designer TV that combines some forward-thinking technology with sleek aesthetics.

First debuted at IFA 2007, where it ran away with the IFA PreView Award, the Loewe Connect is both a Freeview-ready TV and a multimedia centre capable of wirelessly showcasing your computer's music, video and picture files. For a little extra the Connect is even available with an integrated PVR.

Full HD

The TV element of the Loewe Compact is able to display HD broadcasts and disc formats at a 'Full HD' resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The built-in PVR on the DR+ model is able to record 200 hours of television to its 160GB hard-drive, as well as offering live-view features like pause and rewind.

The multimedia element of the Loewe Connect is powered by Loewe's own software and can access stored content on external devices in one of three ways: through a direct Ethernet connection, a wireless connection, or through the USB port on the back of the set.

In the case of wireless and Ethernet connections then once the settings have been established, users can access content stored on their computer using only the supplied remote and the easy-to-use interface of Loewe's proprietary software.

USB devices, too

The Loewe Concept's built-in multimedia centre is able to process a wide range of video, picture and music files. The USB port can be used to plug in and access the content of a USB dongle or digital camera. If your picture files are big enough then the Loewe Connect will display them in full-screen 1080p resolution.

And of course, the rounded edges and sleek design cues immediately set the Connect apart from the mass of gloss black TV sets currently on the market, giving it an aesthetic appeal all of its own.

The Loewe Connect is available in three colours: high gloss black, white and matt chrome silver. There are also three screen sizes: 32, 37 and 42 inches. Price start at £1,949.

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