iPlayer finally hits Sky+

iPlayer finally hits Sky+

iPlayer makes its debut on Sky+ today, meaning that the BBC's much-loved catch up service is now available on all the UK's major TV platforms.

Around 6.7 million British homes currently have a Sky+ box that will allow them to hit up missed programmes on iPlayer.

To get to the catch-up service, you'll can head to Sky's on-demand programme guide which now features the BBC's programming in the familiar iPlayer style, albeit headed up by Sky's proprietary toolbar.

But iPlayer has also been integrated into the EPG so navigating to last Tuesday's Eastenders or yesterday's News (if that's what you're into) is as easy as possible.


Once you've decided what you want to watch, you will be able to download the programme directly to your Sky+ planner ready for you to watch later.

But while the programme will be stored locally on your Sky+ box so you don't have to rely on potentially flaky broadband, you won't be able to hang on to any broadcasts for longer than they're on iPlayer for.


Some platforms – particularly famously Xbox Live – have dragged their heels on the iPlayer front, largely down to the Beeb insisting that it have a uniform look and feel across platforms.


Despite this sticking point, iPlayer is now available on over 650 platforms and devices, from iOS and Android to Sky+, Virgin Media Tivo, Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.

Sky's catch up roster is also in rude health – it has its own Sky catch-up service alongside ITV, Channel 5 and iPlayer, with 4oD coming early next year.

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