Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn't the only blockbuster coming to Xfinity

Want The Force Awakens on demand? Better sign up for Comcast

There was a great disturbance in many a movie collection this week as Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally made its way to brick-and-mortar and digital storefronts.

While loads of Star Wars fans are springing for the disc version of the film, those wanting an on-demand experience can catch J.J. Abrams' latest - along with several others from the Disney stable - on Comcast.

The media giant announced today that it struck a deal with Disney to bring movies from its various studios, including Disney Animation, LucasFilm, Pixar, and even Marvel, to Comcast's Xfinity TV service.

Xfinity subscribers can buy The Force Awakens at this very moment from the Xfinity On Demand Store, with plans to follow up with Disney blockbusters like Toy Story, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Frozen in the coming weeks.

While Xfinity isn't the sole place to get The Force Awakens on-demand - the movie is available for download from YouTube, Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, and the Google Play Store - it's still a huge get for the cable company.

Not only will Comcasat have the drop on other cable providers with Star Wars, a feat of its own considering the movie *just* hit Blu-ray, but the coming wave of Disney content will be sure to catch the eyes of those looking for TV shows and movies without having to pay multiple subscriptions.

Parker Wilhelm
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