Sony and Intel to unveil Google TV this May?

Google TV - will it play their 'Don't be evil' mantra on loop
Google TV - will it play their 'Don't be evil' mantra on loop

Sony, Google and Intel are teaming up to bring Google to TVs, with official news on the project set to be announced next month.

We announced back in March that Sony was working with Intel to bring Google TV to the masses and now it seems that there will be more news on this in May.

The three companies in question are planning to meet up for a conference 19-20 May – organised by Google – to speak about upcoming projects.

Details on what exactly they will be unveiling are scarce but the rumour mill is busy producing enough grain to bake a massive Google TV-shaped cake.

Enter the Dragonpoint

Bloomberg is reporting that the Sony TVs will be equipped with a customised version of the Atom chip codenamed Dragonpoint and the TV will run a modified version of the Google Android OS.

Logitech is also reportedly working on a keyboard that also is a remote control to go alongside the television, so don't go thinking that Google are coming up with a keyboard-less revolutionary search method for its TV debut.

Sony isn't the only company in talks with Google, the likes of Samsung are also said to be looking at creating their very own Google box.

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