Sky Go gets a new design, but now we wait for new features

Sky Go
New facelift

Starting today Sky will be rolling its latest redesign to the Sky Go mobile TV service. The new design is available right now on the browser-based version and will soon begin to propagate through Google's servers and onto Android devices.

There will also be an iOS version of the new design coming to Apple users later on in February.

Sky Go

This new, more visual, homepage and design layout is just the beginning. Sky is also promising to introduce new features to the Sky Go service later in the year "to make the experience of watching whenever and wherever even better."

The only one of these it has announced is a 'watch next episode' feature and something to make it easier to find movies similar to those you have been watching.

Sky looks to be really embracing the Netflix and binge culture.

Sky Go


It hasn't made any other concrete announcements as to what these new features are likely to be, but claim they will make the app more intuitive to use and promote more shows, sports and movies to the Sky Go users.

Right now then we are just talking about cosmetic changes to the Sky Go platform.

With its new Sky Q service rolling out early this year it's not unreasonable to assume some of the new features might be tied into the exciting new premium Sky experience, potentially offering a more consistent flow across the platforms.

Sky Q

But what we'd really love is for Sky to introduce full HD streams to its huge on-demand catalogue, but we're not holding our breath for that...