Sky+ app adds On Demand downloads, neatly prepped for when you get home

Sky+ app adds remote on-demand downloads, prepped for when you get home
No more waiting for on demand downloads

The Sky+ app for iOS and Android got a little more useful on Tuesday with users now able to remotely instruct their living room set-top box to download On Demand content.

The feature, rolled out on both platforms today, means users will be able to download the content during the day and then dive in to their favourite shows as soon as they get home.

In order to obtain the new functionality, users must have the latest version of the software on the connected Sky+ HD box, with the company rolling out the updates as we speak.

The app update also brings the ability for Sky customers to browse the Showcase on demand sections regardless of whether the set-top box is synced with the handset.

Queueing up the content

While the act of downloading is a minor inconvenience, the new feature will be handy, for example, when scanning the on-demand offerings on the way home and queueing up content for the evening.

Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky's Brand Director of TV Products said: "The Sky+ app is incredibly popular with our customers; with over 2 million using the app every month and in October alone over 2.4 million shows were set to record using the Sky+ app.

"We know the way our customers are watching TV is changing and On Demand has become much more popular. Over 3.4m homes with a Sky+HD box connected to broadband are now downloading around millions of On Demand shows and movies every week."

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