Sky 3D works with new 3D TVs from Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony

Sky 3D TV service will work with all the new 3D TV tech coming out at CES 2010
Sky 3D TV service will work with all the new 3D TV tech coming out at CES 2010

Sky has confirmed that its forthcoming 3D broadcasts will be fully compatible with all of the latest models of 3D TVs being announced this week at CES by Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony.

Brian Lenz, head of Sky's Product Design and Product Development division says: "This is a great example of Sky and TV manufacturers taking the initiative to ensure there is no confusion over formats. By working together with set manufacturers, we want to provide a hassle free way for consumers enjoy 3D TV."

The Sky+HD platform will deliver a half-resolution 3D service later this year. You can read more about that service over at our in-depth preview from late 2009.

Vegas in 3D

Stay tuned for all of the full HD 3D TV news coming out of Vegas this week from the likes of Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony – all of which are also set to work with Full HD 3D Blu-ray devices. All of these services will use active shutter glasses – currently the best quality 3D tech available for the home.

The satcaster has Sky+HD boxes in 1.6 million UK and Irish homes, which gives a good idea of how big 3D TV could well become in the next year or two. Of course, content is king and the service is going to need a considerable amount of investment (and risk-taking) on behalf of Sky and its content partners.

LG's Stephen Gater says of the move to domestic 3D: "No one can escape the buzz and excitement around it. We're witnessing the start of dramatic change in how we view TV. This year will see LG's first 3D Ready TVs hit the market – and through Sky's clear commitment to 3D broadcasting, 3D in the home is set to become a reality."

Sony's Yoshihisa Ishida adds: "To grow the 3D home entertainment market it's imperative that the industry offers consumers as much attractive 3D content as possible."

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