Samsung launches new £8m 3D TV ad campaign

Samsung set to launch major 3D TV ad campaign this month
Samsung set to launch major 3D TV ad campaign this month

Samsung is launching a new £8m ad campaign for its new 3D TVs in the UK.

The campaign is, ironically, headed up by Mikah Martin-Cruz, the executive behind the famous "Paint" and "Play-Doh" commercials for Sony Bravia.

Martin-Cruz claims that: "The launch of the first 3D TV in the UK is such a culturally significant event, we needed to do it justice with a visually exciting campaign that captures the audience's imagination and feel we have done exactly that."

The summer of 3D

Sammy hopes that the campaign will play an integral part in the so-called "3D summer" with the likes of Sky heavily promoting 3D TV, and competing manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic and Sony, all putting the finishing touches to their own 3D marketing blitzes set to hit later in 2010.

Samsung's 3D TVs go on sale later this month on 27 April. The first high-profile TV ad will launch alongside the next day's Champion's League semi-final on ITV1.

The three-month campaign will cover billboards, TV ads, as well as print and online press.

The idea behind the campaign is that Samsung's 3D TVs "blur the boundaries of reality" as we, the viewers, are shown around an idyllic cityscape peppered with 3D screens.

It's pretty cool. Particularly the three-storey high cat! You can see the video of Samsung's first 3D TV advert over on Media Guardian.

Via Media Guardian

Adam Hartley