A child dies every three weeks to an unsecured TV and this group wants it to stop

CTA TV Safety Day
CTA TV Safety Day

Here's a depressing statistic: One child dies every three weeks here in the US due to an unsecure TV falling on them. Let that sink in for a second.

However, the new statistic, brought to us by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), has good intentions behind its tragic message: this needs to stop.

To that end, the CTA is teaming up with Best Buy and TV accessory manufacturer Sanus to popularize a new National TV Safety Day that will take place on Saturday, Feb. 6, the day before Super Bowl 50.

In an email sent to techradar, the CTA highlighted steps parents can do to keep their kids safe. First, place older, heavier CRT TVs on low, stable furniture where they are less likely to be tipped over by kids. Second, it said, flat TVs should always be mounted and out of reach from the inquisitive mitts of children.

"While TVs have evolved to thinner, lighter, flat screen displays, a new CTA survey reports 34% of US households still have at least one heavy CRT TV in their home," says Gary Shapiro, President of the CTA. "While this figure is down year-over-year, there are still close to five billions pounds of CRTs sitting in American homes."

Families with children under the age of 5 should be especially careful, as five-year-olds account for most of the TV tip-over injuries. And about half (47%) of TV tip-over incidents happen in a bedroom, according to the report.

Once the living room is secure, sit back, relax and watch the Super Bowl 50 livestream online for free.

Nick Pino

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