LG Display to sell Sony passive 3D TV panels?

LG getting active on passive
LG getting active on passive

LG Display, the LCD maker backed by LG, is in talks to provide Sony with passive 3D TV screens.

This is according to Reuters, which reports that LG Display is currently speaking to Sony about its FPR 3D technology, which was shown off at CES 2011.

If a deal is made, then this will give LG a massive boost in promoting its passive 3D technology and put the company at odds against Samsung which currently owns around 60 per cent of the 3D market.

Technological drawbacks

The two Korean manufacturers aren't exactly playing nice when it comes to each other's 3D technology.

Samsung, who is backing active shutter 3D (currently alongside Panasonic and Sony) recently said the 3D FPR technology is the same 3D technology that has been around since 1935 and that it is rife with picture quality problems.

Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung visual display business, said about LG's passive 3D tech to the Korea Herald: "FPR would give some advantages in cost but that's all.

"FPR can't realise Full HD images as it has technological drawbacks, limiting its use to small-sized mobile gadgets."

There's no word whether Sony will take on the FPR panels but if the company does then it will spark a 3D format war, which wouldn't be as bad as the HD DVD vs Blu-ray debacle but it would definitely confuse consumers.

Via Reuters

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