JVC signs up RealD for 3D TV tech

JVC puts its money on RealD 3D
JVC puts its money on RealD 3D

JVC has announced it will be using RealD technology to power its upcoming range of 3D TVs - the same technology which will feature in Sony's TVs.

As we reported earlier this week, RealD seem to be the three-dimensional provider of choice at the moment. Sony was using the technology in its prototype Bravia 3D TVs, but it made this deal official this week.

Interestingly, the deal meant that the stereoscopic tech was not exclusive to just Sony televisions. JVC knows this and has decided to use RealD in its range of 3D TVs due out some time in 2010.

Unique 3D

"[This] will allow us to build on our solid track record of technological development for Hollywood and related markets," explained Haruo Kawahara, Chairman, President and CEO of JVC Kenwood Holdings, Inc, possibly while wearing some 3D specs.

"We are confident this will lead to a dramatic increase in our 3D-imaging device business."

With Avatar currently showing how 3D should be done in the cinemas, it will be interesting to see how much impact 3D will have in the home.

RealD are confident, with CEO Michael V Lewis, who may have been speaking from another dimension, noting: "Our partnership with JVC will give the market high-quality displays capable of delivering exceptional 3D visuals.

"We look forward to JVC leveraging RealD's three decades of 3D technology experience to capture the full capabilities of their unique 3D visualisation products."

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