IceTV's corpse has been reanimated

IceTV returns

After entering voluntary administration last week, reports that IceTV was dead and buried may have been premature.

The company appeared to be doomed after a post on its online forum by "Dave from IceTV" indicated that vital staff had been unwilling to sign on to work for a restructured version of the company, leaving it to its fate.

That situation has now changed, with a new forum post from "Dave... back at IceTV" titled "IceTV Resurrected" indicating that the staff had reached an agreement and the company will be pressing ahead with its EPG service.

It's alive!

The post explains that the company will now require a monthly fee of $7.99 for the service, for which customers will receive EPG support on up to five recording devices.

IceTV will no longer offer unlimited, lifetime, multi-year or single-device subscriptions, and all current subscriptions will expire as soon as IceTV's new payment gateway becomes operational.

These include the unlimited subscriptions sold with IceTV's troubled Skippa devices, which will count as one of the five recording devices allocated to each customer.

The new company will be focusing on its EPG service in an attempt to move on from the hardware woes that contributed to its decline.