Sony and Samsung in 3D OLED face-off

Sony 3D OLED
3D + OLED = Home cinema heaven

Not content with announcing that they will bring 3D imaging technology to market in 2010, both Sony and Samsung showed off some rather cool 3D OLED concepts off at CES 2010.

Sony had a whole section dedicated to 3D OLED and while it's unlikely these TVs will see the light of day for at least a year or two, it does point to just how stunning 3D on TVs will be in the future.

Using OLED technology, 3D is brighter than it has ever been. Brightness has always been an issue when it comes to 3D but Sony's OLED sets not only solve that problem, they also make your jaw-drop due to just how dazzling the images look.

Samsung also showed off some OLED concepts, but instead of showing off a pure OLED version of 3D, they displayed AMOLED displays.

Though not as dazzling as what Sony had at its booth, again the idea of watching 3D on a bright, wafer-thin television set is a great one.

We are hoping, though, that Samsung can sort out the dead pixel problem it seemed to have in its AMOLED 3D demos. When we picked LG up on this, however, they insisted it was because the panels were still very much in the concept stage.

Samsung 3d amoled

Sony 3d

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