Overnight news roundup: 29-30 October

Sony's PlayStation 3 is in trouble

Well, it's another Tuesday and that means there's some overnight news for you to catch up on. Check it out.

Sony is in deep trouble with its gaming division. According to the company, the division that had once kept the company afloat with staggering profits is performing well below expectations. Sony has been forced to warn the public that future gaming losses will become a significant reality.

According to reports, MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson, who automatically becomes a friend of every new MySpace user, has lied about his age. Apparently he is really 36, not 32 as reported. Yawn.

142-inch plasma coming soon

Although JVC showed off an 110-inch TV recently, Shinoda Plasma has eclipsed it already with a staggering 142-inch plasma that will offer a resolution of 720p and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. So far there's no word on pricing, but Shinoda Plasma has indicated that it'll easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With the iPhone poised for its UK launch, a new variation has hit the internet: a diamond-encrusted iPhone that sports 420 diamonds for a total weight of 5.65 carats. So if you would really like to impress people with your new iPhone, consider this puppy for a cool $41,225 (about £20,000).

New Lenovo desktop released

Lenovo quietly released a new desktop on Monday for those on a budget. According to the company, the new machine - dubbed K100 - will sport a TV tuner and a dial for balancing processor speed.

Samsung has always touted OLED as the future of displays, and it looks like it has quite a plan to make OLED an important player in the display industry. According to Samsung, it expects to release 14-, 15-, and 21-inch OLED panels to the market in 2009.

The Eee PC has been a long time coming in the United States and, on Monday, Asus finally unveiled its US pricing and launch details to confirm its release in the States. According to the company, the Eee will retail for $350 (£170) to $400(around £195) and will hit stores shelves on 1 November.