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Bright future for OLED as longevity tops LCDs

Sony XEL-1
Only Sony has managed to market an OLED TV to date

The days of using LCD technology in television sets may not be numbered just yet, but there's already a clear path to a future without it - one that's being illuminated more brightly each day by breakthroughs in OLED displays.

The latest is a new kind of organic electroluminescent panel from Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology (TMD) and Idemitsu in Japan that seeks to address the longevity problem associated with current-generation OLEDs.

Energy efficient

According to the joint venture, its new screen lasts 30 times as long as its own previous models and is already better in that respect than any existing LCD.

Not only that, but the panel is energy efficient, consuming just 100mW, which is half what most screens the same size chew through.

Although the new panel is just 2.2 inches on the diagonal, TMD is confidently predicting mass-production of 1.5 million much larger screens a month, starting in October next year.