Google signs TV content deals with big media

Google signs TV content deals with major media and internet firms
Google signs TV content deals with major media and internet firms

Google is readying for the launch of its Google TV service, signing content deals with a number of major media and internet firms.

Google has signed new content partnership deals this month with NBC Universal's CNBC, Time Warner's HBO and Amazon as it prepares Google TV for what it hopes will be a mass audience.

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Turner Broadcasting is optimising a number of its websites, including CNN news and the Cartoon Network, to ensure that they work properly on Google TV.

NBC Universal is offering its financial news TV channel CNBC, while comedy stalwarts HBO will also provide Google with entertainment content for Google TV.

Google has also signed up Amazon Video On Demand and Netflix to the service, offering thousands of movies and TV shows for rental or download.

Google also announced that it is working with major US news sites including The New York Times, along with Twitter integration built into the service.

Logitech first to Google TV

You can see more about Google TV on the service's dedicated website which launched this week over at

Manufacturer Logitech will be first to unveil its Google TV device this week on 6 October – and we will of course be sure to bring you the full low-down on that launch as and when we see it.

Google TV is being billed as your TV fully integrated with a search engine, allowing you to both watch TV and surf the web at the same time.

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