First 8K broadcast coincides with the Olympics, but only one company will have it


While the rest of the world struggles to adopt 4K as a new standard, Japan's biggest broadcasting company, NHK, is starting public tests of the insanely high-definition 8K standard.

The Japan Times reports that tests of the new resolution have begun and while those broadcasts weren't not something standard cable watchers will be able to access, those interested can head over to one of eight public locations in Osaka and Tokyo to check out streams for themselves.

So what exactly are they watching? According to the publication, NHK, officially known as Japan Broadcasting Corp., will broadcast the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics as well as swimming and track and field events in 7680 x 4320 resolution.

The hope here is that, should everything go well in 2016, the company could roll out a more extensive program in 2018 with plans to broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in full, glorious 8K resolution … to the limited pool of people in Japan with an 8K TV.

While there's almost no one with 8K hardware at this point in the US or Europe, the CES show floor was littered with them this past year with LG, Panasonic and Pioneer working on 8K TVs, cable and set-top boxes.

But while 8K television seems far off in the future, the dawn of 4K console gaming started today with the brand new Xbox One S.

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