Don't hold your breath for Sky Go on Windows Phone or Surface

Don't hold your breath on Sky Go for Windows Phone or Surface
Sky Go - a hugely popular UK TV streaming app

Don't hold our breath for a Windows Phone 8 or Surface Sky Go application, with Sky insisting that, despite monitoring the device world constantly, it is focused on scale.

Sky has always prioritised Apple's iOS for its hugely popular suite of apps, including the Sky Go service for its customers.

However, with Android tablets still waiting for an app the chances of a Windows Phone app, or one for the new Microsoft tablet Surface, appearing in the coming months are bordering on zilch.

Under review

Answering a query from TechRadar, Sky reiterated its stance on updates for Sky Go, although the company is surely aware that customers with non iOS tablets and many Android and Windows phones are growing disgruntled.

"We're always keeping the smartphone and tablet market under review so that we can satisfy as many of our customers as possible," said the company.

"While we aim to distribute our content as broadly as possible, we do need to prioritise our development activity in line with customer demand.

"Therefore as and when devices reach scale within the Sky customer base, we focus our development work on them."

For Windows Phone and Surface users the last quote is the salient one – in terms of scale there is no evidence that there is enough in the UK market to make Sky fork out for development.

For Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD you would hope that this will work in its favour – with huge amounts sold already and many more expected to be shifted ahead of Christmas.

Patrick Goss

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