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DirecTV launches 4K UHD satellite into space

Momentum for 4K continues to grow

Commercial launch company Arianespace this morning launched into space a salvo of rockets that included satellites that will be used by the India Space Research Organization and - clearly more importantly - DirecTV.

The satellite cable provider will use the 7-ton DirecTV-14 satellite to deploy 4K video content to subscribers in the US and Puerto Rico via an advanced beam network, Digital Trends reports.

The satellite is reportedly settling into its final orbiting positions successfully, though it's not clear when exactly 4K DirecTV service will actually begin.

DirecTV already offers some 4K content to Samsung 4K TV users with a limited video on demand service, but today's satellite launch is the company's biggest step yet toward providing content for a 4K future.

DirecTV-14 is the company's seventh functioning satellite.