TAG Heuer CEO says you’ll get used to buying a new smartwatch every few years

The idea of buying a new smartwatch every few years is something many of us are struggling to get our heads around, however that’s set to become the norm according to one luxury watch maker.

TechRadar sat down with TAG Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver at the launch of the Connected Modular 45 Kingsman Special Edition in London to talk about the difficulties with smartwatches only having a lifespan of a few years.

“People are starting to get used to changing their TV sets. Back in the 50s, people would keep their TVs for 10 or 15 years, then suddenly the TV business witnessed a huge amount of evolution,” Biver told us.

It was this evolution that encouraged us to upgrade more often, and he predicts the same shift for smartwatches. 

“You will change your TV set at least three times in the next 10 years. That’s our life today and with technology, people will get used to change.”

When is a watch, not a watch?

It’s not been an easy ride for TAG though, and being one of the first Swiss watch makers to get into the smartwatch business put it in the cross-hairs.

“In Switzerland we were highly criticized [for entering the smartwatch business], but I believe that whatever you wear on your wrist that gives you information including time, it’s still a watch. No matter the other functions it may have” Biver said in a Q&A session at the launch event.

Whether or not you agree that smartwatches can be included in the same remit as traditional luxury timepieces, one thing is for sure - TAG's line of connected watches are comfortably more expensive than the mainstream range of Android Wear offerings.

While many will bulk at the $1,550 (£1,200, AU$2,300) and upwards price tag, Biver has some wise words; "you should spend what you can – spend according to your budget!"


John McCann
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