Star Trek: Discovery season 3 gets a US release date, but what about Netflix?

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Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has at last been given a release date by CBS All Access in the US. The show will return on October 15 in the US, with episodes rolling out weekly.

Internationally, Netflix still has the rights to show Discovery season 3 – it hasn't announced a release date yet, but we'd expect new episodes to debut the day after they release in the US, or at least in the same week. 

This third season of Discovery has been a long time coming. The second season concluded back in April 2019, and while filming for this new set of episodes finished filming before the current health crisis kicked off, post-production work has continued in the months since. 

For those who have finished watching Star Trek Discovery season 2, this season moves the crew of Discovery 900 years into the future, which is deeper into into the franchise's timeline than we've ever seen explored before. 

Netflix confirmed it had the international rights for Discovery season 3 last year

The future of Star Trek

Discovery season 3 won't be the next Star Trek series to release, though: animated comedy Lower Decks begins on August 6. Following those, numerous other new Star Trek shows are in the works as part of this fictional universe. 

They include Star Trek: Picard season 2, a Discovery spin-off called Section 31 starring Michelle Yeoh, another Discovery spin-off called Strange New Worlds featuring Spock and Pike, and a Nickelodeon animated series called Star Trek: Prodigy. In addition, one other live-action show hasn't been announced yet. The intention is that there'll always be something Star Trek-related to watch on CBS All Access. 

Trek fans have a lot to look forward to. 

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