Specialty tyres for EVs are now coming - But don't ask us what they'll do

Hankook is making tyres for EVs
(Image credit: Hankook)

It was waiting to happen. Specialty tyres for electric vehicles are now in the market. Just as the ecosystem for electric vehicles was getting strengthened, the tyre manufacturers probably felt left out. They have also gotten into the act. Now, the South Korean manufacturer Hankook Tire is launching its first tyre family, iON, which it claims is specially developed for electric vehicles.

But don't ask us what tyres can bring to the table for electric vehicles.

The company claims that tyres for EVs will not only have a reduced rolling resistance and low-noise rolling behaviour but are also designed for the high torques of electric cars. Due to the design for high torque, the mileage of powerful electric cars should theoretically improve.

"The new iON tires meet the demanding everyday requirements for EV tires thanks to an extensive set of technical measures," the company said.  The new tyres are scheduled to be unveiled in May 2022,

For the record, brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and Bridgestone do have bespoke EV tires on the market.

But not limited to use in EVs

Hankook specialty EV tyre.

(Image credit: Hankook)

The tyre family of the iON will be available in three designs, and includes different sizes between 18 and 22 inches. Hankook said it has countered the higher vehicle mass of electric vehicles – caused by the considerable weight of the drive batteries – with a higher load capacity.

"With the introduction of this new iON tire family, our company is increasingly considering the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles and the associated need for suitable tires, also in terms of the need for replacements," Sooil Lee, CEO & President of Hankook Tire & Technology said. "With an improved range per battery charge, this new generation of tires will help to further optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles in everyday use."

Hankook said that its iON tyres, though developed with the requirements of electric cars in mind, are not limited to use on electric cars.

Hankook tyres optimised for electric mobility are already in use by Audi, BMW, Porsche, and VW, among others, the company said.

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