Sony’s new sports headphones can withstand the elements and don’t skimp on tech

AirPods are great and all, but we’d always hesitate to take them on a run thanks to their lack of splash-proofing and all-plastic design. 

We’re unlikely to have the same issues with Sony’s upcoming lineup of sports-focussed headphones, which combine an IPX4 rating, as well as a fitness-focussed design that sees them use  a set of silicon tips to secure themselves firmly in your ears. 

You’ve got three models to choose from. The $179.99 (around £130, AU$230) WF-SP700N are the flagship true wireless pair, and feature noise-cancellation in addition to the range-wide splash-proofing (an industry first). Battery life is a somewhat limited three hours, but you do get two additional charges from the supplied carrying case. 

Hop down to the $149.99 (around £110, AU$190) WI-SP600N and you lose the true wireless form-factor (which, frankly we think makes more sense when there’s even the smallest chance of an earbud falling out of your ear) but noise-cancelling Is still included. 

Finally, the $79.99 WI-SP500N (around £60, AU$105) drop the noise-cancellation, but you’ll be happy to know you’ll still be spared the sheer indignity of having to plug them into your phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Thank heavens. 

High-end hopes

If a feature list as long as your arm isn’t as interesting to you as raw unbridled sound quality, then Sony also has the MDR-1AM2. 

These headphones don’t give two hoots about modern conveniences like wireless connectivity and noise-cancellation, but instead focus on giving the discerning audiophile everything they could hope for, with a frequency response that goes as high as 100kHz (which we’re pretty sure even a dog would struggle to hear) and the option of using a 4.4mm balanced connection if your high-end music player supports it. 

Surprisingly the MDR-1AM2 will cost just $299.99 (around £220, AU$380), which frankly surprises us given its audiophile leanings. Let’s hope its 40mm drivers are capable of delivering on its lofty spec-sheet. 

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