Sonos Port makes any old speaker kit multi-room ready for the modern age

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Got an old stereo or receiver that you can't bear to part with, even though it lacks the modern conveniences of your newer hi-fi kit? At IFA 2019 Sonos has revealed its new Sonos Port device, a streaming add-on for your existing hi-fi kick to drag it kicking and screaming into the multi-room age.

Hook the Sonos Port up to your turntable or ageing stereo, and it can beam their audio to other Sonos devices around your home. And, likewise, if the Port is hooked up directly to a 'dumb' speaker system, it can be used to connect them with more than 100 streaming sources. It essentially gives any old kit all the capabilities of your average Sonos speaker.

Connecting over line-in and line out (through either analogue RCA or digital coaxial connections), the Sonos Port also brings Apple AirPlay 2 to your older speakers, making it a great accompaniment for high-end hi-fi gear that isn't quite of the connected generation.

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Retro revamped

The Sonos Port is the successor to the Sonos Connect box, which some Sonos fans felt is no longer  quite in keeping with the rest of the Sonos range's reserved aesthetic.

As such, the Sonos Port is pretty laid-back in terms of its design, with its matte black finish and  41 x 138 x 138 mm dimensions chosen specifically for it to fit in alongside other brands' audio gear in an AV rack.

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802.11 b/g, 2.4 GHz is supported, alongside Ethernet for areas where Wi-Fi signals aren't so strong. A 12V trigger also gives the Port the ability to switch on a stereo or receiver – essential for a multi-room set-up where you don't want to have to individually switch on each device for playback. Once you have got your tunes roaring, EQ options let you tweak bass and treble to your liking.

In terms of release date, Sonos is kicking off sales of the Sonos Port within the custom install market from September 12. However, from January 2020 it'll go on wider release, priced at $399 / £399.

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