Rep reveals Asus is working on Android 4.2 for tablets

Transformer Prime
The Transformer line will soon see Android 4.2

Asus may have only just rolled out Android 4.1: Jelly Bean to its Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad Infinity a few months ago, but the company is already working on the next Android upgrade.

According to new reports, the manufacturer will bring Android 4.2 to its Transformer tablets soon.

The news of the update was actually revealed to a consumer by a customer service representative who said, "We are currently working on the development of Android 4.2 for our tablets."

While it's unclear at this time just which Transformer tablets Asus is planning to update with Android 4.2, the change will certainly be welcome to any and all users looking forward to new features and improved functionality.

Transforming the tablet

Android 4.2 has plenty of interesting features it adds to the existing Jelly Bean OS to make it a worthwhile addition to Asus' Transformer lineup.

The most obvious addition is the option to create multiple user profiles on one device, which even offers full customization options to make the tablet distinctly unique for each user.

There's also Gesture Typing included, which allows users to swipe their fingers across the letters to create words, rather than typing in a traditional sense.

Of course, the overhaul Google Now will receive is also a big deal, as it adds a slew of new functionality and new cards into the mix.

Android 4.2 is already available on a variety of devices such as the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4, and it will certainly be welcome on even more tablets when Asus is ready to roll it out.