How your business can make a smooth transition to iOS 7

"We've never believed in third-third party solutions that provide such functionality," says Cortado CEO Carsten Mickeleit. "With iOS 7 nearly every app wrapping feature is covered by the operating system, with no need to change the app."

He adds: "Companies should be aware that with iOS 7, projects regarding app wrapping and containerisation are redundant and that they need a MDM solution and a VPN that is compatible with the new iOS 7 Per App VPN. If they are informed, then they will understand that iOS 7 is an opportunity to realise not just a secure but also a productive MDM system including corporate file sharing with which employees are happy to work."

iPhone 5S

iOS 7 brings an end to 'app wrapping'

Vendor backed

Once an organisation decides to go ahead with upgrading devices to iOS 7, it can take advantage of the new version's numerous MDM and security APIs that are made useful when paired with offerings from vendors to provide full enterprise capabilities.

Nigel Hawthorn, Director of Marketing at mobile IT solutions company MobileIron, says that previous challenges such as establishing secure connections to enterprise data sources, configuring apps at scale, and preventing data loss is now possible without manual configuration and maintenance or specialist skills from app developers.

"With iOS 7, each of these capabilities is available at OS level and can be managed and enforced by MobileIron, meaning developers can focus on building apps without being security specialists," he says.

Other iOS 7 features assisted by MobileIron include Open-In control (defining which apps documents and messages are opened in), VPN rules to start VPN connections to corporate networks when apps need access to secured resources and the ability to disable the iPhone 5S's fingerprint scanner.

Identity Management Software maker Centrify places a greater focus on the BYOD aspects of iOS 7 to increase simplicity for IT administrators.

"Our Centrify User Suite is able to integrate mobile devices and OS, including iOS 7, into an organisation's existing Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure, allowing users a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) for access to all their corporate apps on the device," explains Centrify CEO and President Tom Kemp.

"From an IT administrator perspective, we provide iOS 7 support for locking or remotely wiping devices, securing access to email networks and enforcing of user passcodes," he adds. "Organisations can easily assign devices to users and manage the associated properties and settings for each user's device without the hassle of deploying complex new infrastructure or a separate management console."