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Let BambooHR add a touch of fun to your human resources workflow

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BambooHR is a delight to use and its funky interface belies the fact that this is a powerful and very capable software package with a really practical edge.


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    User friendly

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    Open API

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    App marketplace


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    Vague pricing

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BambooHR has built up a solid reputation in the relatively short space of time the company has been going. The HR business was first launched back in 2008 by Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders and continues today from its base in Utah. BambooHR offers a cloud-based HR software solution, rather than outsourcing, that combines a great user interface with lots of practical tools for managing your workforce. 

The BambooHR package does a little bit of everything, which includes helping to onboard new employees, analyze people data and manage benefits all while helping to get the job done in a fresh and fun kind of way. That’s not to detract from the potential of this package though as BambooHR has more than enough capability to help business of all shapes and sizes manage their HR workflow.


BambooHR comes with a central dashboard that's a breeze to use (Image credit: BambooHR)

BambooHR: Pricing

The amount of money you pay to enjoy using BambooHR basically depends on the number of employees you have working in your company. You’ll therefore need to get in touch with the sales team to get a precise tailored quote to match your requirements as there is no obvious pricing that we could find. 

However, in the meantime it’s possible to try a live demo of the software, which expands to a 7 day trial if you think you want to spend time getting used to the features and functionality. The trial is a full working version and comes complete with sample data, so you don't need to spend time populating the package to see exactly how it works. This is a quick and easy way to see the potential of BambooHR.


The top menu lets you quickly access core functions within BambooHR (Image credit: BambooHR)

BambooHR: Features

Once you’ve created an account and logged in to BambooHR all of the main features are clearly set out in the central dashboard area. There are core options that let you control the vital aspects of your workforce data, with the top menu offering instant access to My Info, People, Hiring, Reports and Files, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. 

Over on the right are options for account settings and instant access to help should you need it. The main work area contains widgets with all of the main feature content, plus there’s direct access to crucial records such as vacation and time off for sickness. 

BambooHR continues to have improvements made to its set of features, with an open API option allowing you to combine the package with other HR software services where needed. There is also a BambooHR app marketplace too, that lets users explore other BambooHR-friendly software solutions that help compliment its capabilities.


The trial of BambooHR includes sample data to help you gauge its appeal (Image credit: BambooHR)

BambooHR: Performance

During our trial time using BambooHR we found that the SaaS solution performed impeccably, particularly considering it was quite well packed with plenty of sample data. Logging in and getting started was fault free, and even the sign up was a doddle. Once into the main work area we found BambooHR to be everything it promised, with great functionality and no issues with managing records and adding, or deleting data either. Overall, BambooHR really hits the spot with its zesty performance.


It's similarly easy to pull out data and produce reports within BambooHR (Image credit: BambooHR)

BambooHR: Ease of use

There’s a really relaxed learning curve involved with picking up BambooHR, with a user interface based around its central dashboard that makes progress both quick and easy. Despite its laid back layout and menu options, BambooHR actually bristles with plenty of power tools, all designed to let you tackle human resources tools without the stress normally associated with this aspect of business admin. 


It's easy to tweak and fine-tune all of the settings within the software (Image credit: BambooHR)

BambooHR is very customizable too, with a settings area that lets you tweak all of the content tools. Access levels, employee fields, approvals, apps, benefits, company directory, email alerts, employee satisfaction, hiring and holidays can all be tailored to suit your needs. It's even possible to drop in your own logo and set a colour scheme as needed.

BambooHR: Support

Once you’re logged into the BambooHR system there’s always help at hand thanks to support options over on the top right-hand side of the program interface. In this region there’s a searchable knowledge base, which can point you towards topics that solve many queries. 


Once you're signed in there are help options accessible from within the dashboard (Image credit: BambooHR)

It’s also possible to chat with the support team from here. In the same area is the option to submit a support request. Meanwhile, the BambooHR website has a combination of contact options, including phone numbers if you need to speak with them directly.

BambooHR: Final verdict

BambooHR is a great option for small to medium-sized business that have to tackle human resources chores and more besides. The way it’s been designed and laid out means that those humdrum everyday tasks associated with HR duties are made rather more palatable than normal. It’s got oodles of cool tools nestling in amongst the vibrant user interface, with everything from benefits administration through to performance reviews covered and a whole lot more besides. 

The fact that you can test drive the package before committing makes it perfect for business owners who want to make doubly sure it’s going to be right for them before signing up. You’ll need to contact the BambooHR sales team in order to get pricing, although this is based around the number of workers your business employs. BambooHR is certainly one of the easiest solutions of its type out there, with plenty of capacity to accommodate your business as it grows too.

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