Microsoft exec Kevin Turner to be new CEO, only to hand over to Elop?

Rumour: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner to be new CEO, before handing over to Elop?
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has emerged as a top contender for Ballmer's job

Microsoft has kept mum on the subject of who will succeed outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, but according to reports in China the decision has already been made.

For what it's worth, the Windows phone blog WPDang (translated), claims current chief operating officer Kevin Turner will take the reins when Big Steve steps down in August 2014.

However, Turner may only be keeping the big seat warm for current Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who is believed to have become a leading candidate since Microsoft agreed a deal to buyout the smartphone maker.

WPDang's post claims power will be transitioned to Elop in two or three years, allowing the new boy to get his feet firmly under the table at Microsoft before rising to the top job.

He wants to sell what?

Elop has emerged as a front runner for the position in the last couple of months, while internal candidates Tony Bates and Satya Nadella, as well as Ford CEO Alan Mulally are thought to be under consideration.

Recent reports suggested Elop pitched plans to sell off the Xbox division and kill off the Bing search engine should he get the top job, raising a few eyebrows in the process.

While today's report is all very interesting, it's probably not worth taking this as the gospel truth just yet. We're just going to neatly place it in the 'rumours and speculation' pile for now.


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