Twitter testing a 'Fave People' timeline for your top tweeters only

Twitter testing a 'Fave People' timeline for your top tweeters only
Naturally, @TechRadar has to go in your Fave People section, right?

Twitter may soon offer mobile users the chance to create a timeline dedicated to their 'Fave People,' with the company currently testing the feature in an experimental app.

As reported by TechCrunch, the tool has been worked into the social network's alpha app for Android, which it uses to trial changes before passing them onto beta guinea pics and then the public.

The app, which has a swipe-able top menu, now features 'Fave People,' alongside the more familiar Home, Activity and Discover sections.

Fave People, doesn't need that much explaining as it is simply presenting an easier way to access the users favourite accounts than the current method of making and navigating to custom lists.


Adding accounts to the 'Fave People' lists is also pretty self-explanatory, according to the description offered within the alpha app.

On the Face People screen, users are advised to 'Pick Some Favourites' which takes them to their 'following' list. Users simply have to hit the favourite star on an account, just as they would to favourite a single tweet.

The company has also set up the feature so users can choose to receive notifications whenever one of their favourite accounts sends a tweet.

Adding Fave People seems like a logical step for Twitter, considering the list of accounts we follow tends to grow much faster than, say, our Facebook friends list.

However, just because the company is in the early stages of testing the feature, doesn't mean the general public will be seeing it anytime soon. The firm often tests new features before deciding to abandon them.

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