Official Facebook app finally accepts Windows Phone 8 friend request

Windows Phone 8 Facebook official
Behold the official Windows Phone 8 Facebook app

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone has finally arrived.

The app, titled Facebook 5.0, is available now through Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 app marketplace.

It's the first official app from the social network to make it onto Microsoft's mobile OS, but the 5.0 indicates that it includes improvements made in previous iterations on other platforms, like iOS and Android.

Only third-party Facebook apps were available on WP8 handsets until now, and the official app looks like the only one without any glaring shortcomings. Go figure.

This is not a test

The Windows Phone 8 Facebook app brings an altered look and functionality exclusive to the OS, fitting well with the tile-based aesthetic of Microsoft's mobile UI.

It was available previously in beta, and that beta Facebook app is still available in a separate listing from the official Facebook 5.0.

Word is the Facebook beta app will host new, untested features that may eventually make it into the official WP8 app.

Both apps are available now for Windows Phone 7.5 in addition to Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft used its Build 2013 conference last week to announce that the official Facebook app would arrive shortly alongside a new Flipboard app.

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