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Eufy 2C security camera kit
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The best home security cameras make it easy to check in on your property when you’re not around. However, they can be a costly purchase, so a good home security camera deal is always welcome.

In the US, Amazon has slashed 23% off the price of the EufyCam 2C security camera, reducing it to just $169.99 from $219.99. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this two-camera security kit, beating the deals we saw on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Not in the US? Scroll down for the best home security camera deals in your region.)

 Today's best Eufy security camera deals in the US

EufyCam 2C: $219.99 $169.99 at Amazon

EufyCam 2C: $219.99 $169.99 at Amazon
Amazon has knocked $50 off the cost of this battery-powered security camera, which can record full HD video during the day and at night if motion is detected. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this two-camera home security kit. However, we don’t know how long the offer will last, so we suggest you snap up this home security camera deal now. 

The EufyCam 2C includes a base station, which comes with 16GB of storage space for video clips recorded by the camera when motion is detected in its field of view. This means there’s no need to sign-up to a monthly subscription if you want to review the video recorded by the camera at a later date. It also creates a stronger Wi-Fi connection with the cameras compared to those that link directly to your home network, which should help those that struggle with connection issues. 

The EufyCam 2C is very similar to Eufy’s top-of-the-range home security camera system, EufyCam 2, which currently tops our list of the best home security cameras on the market – the main difference being how long the batteries last for between charges. You’ll get six months of use from the Eufy 2C before it needs recharging, while the EufyCam 2 will last up to one year between charges. 

Both the EufyCam 2C and the EufyCam 2 record video clips in full HD when motion is detected in the camera’s field of view. However, the night vision on the EufyCam 2C isn’t as detailed either – although, for most homes, it will still capture sufficiently clear footage of any activity at night. 

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