Should I buy the JVC LT-32C672 32-inch Smart LED TV on Black Friday?

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The bottom line: Smart TVs see some of the biggest discounts going on Black Friday, and the JVC LT-32C672 32-inch Smart LED TV is no exception. It’s certainly not one that would take centre-stage in your living room, but it's more than good enough for your spare room or as the kids' first TV, with popular apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Facebook built in for ease of use. If you’re looking for something more home cinema-oriented you'll want to consider investing in a 3D TV with OLED or QLED technology for a higher-quality viewing experience, but this JVC TV makes for a great entry-level smart TV.

Pros: Great value, wall-mountable.

Cons: A bit basic compared to other smart TVs

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JVC LT-32C672 Smart LED TV: everything you need to know

Although not the newest smart TV on the market right now, the JVC LT-32C672 is still a popular choice, and is now one of the cheapest smart TVs you can get in the Black Friday 2017 sales. In this day and age, 32 inches is considered relatively small, but for most of us 32 inches is still a sizeable TV that will fit comfortably in any room and provide an enjoyable viewing experience. 

Whether it's simply watching the newest Netflix series, your favourite movie, or even gaming, the JVC LT-32C672 32-inch Smart LED TV is surprisingly clear, and it’s wall-mountable, which makes it even more handy for smaller homes that don’t want a ridiculously large screen taking over their living area. 

Viewing experience

Yes, it’s only HD-ready, but the 720p screen and DTS HD audio mean you get a crisp and clear viewing experience whatever you’re watching. LED technology promises colourful and vibrant pictures, and built-in Wi-Fi gives you access to all your favourite on-demand channels and streaming services at the touch of a button. It's not the best picture quality around, but even cheap TVs offer a decent picture these days.

Simple set-up

With integrated Freeview this TV is great for technophobes or those who aren’t fussed about too many 'techy' features. All you need to do is plug and play – the auto HD tuner will programme your TV with over 70 subscription-free channels, and automatically connect to the app store if you wish to customise it with other apps and on-demand services. 

Why is the JVC LT-32C672 32-inch Smart LED TV a best-seller?

This TV may not be the first choice for your new cinema room, but for the guest bedroom this TV is of comfortable size and quality. If you promised your kids you’d let them have a TV in their room this year, the JVC LT-32C672 is a good choice thanks to its parental lock settings, which mean the kids can’t use the internet to access anything they shouldn’t, and you can control their screen time. 

It also features one SCART, one USB and two HDMI ports, so you can easily connect your other devices to the TV for gaming or streaming purposes. For eco-warriors, you’ll be pleased to know this TV has a surprisingly high energy-efficiency rating, of A+ making it one of the cheapest televisions to run compared to some of the bigger feature-packed screens available. 

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