Seeing the same Stories on Instagram? A fix is finally rolling out on iOS

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A fix is finally arriving for users, where a bug would repeatedly show viewed Stories on Instagram, something that's allegedly been occurring for a week so far.

While the update, named version 239.1 just states 'The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements', we updated Instagram on our iPhone 13 Pro, and can confirm that the bug has been fixed.

It was an unusual bug where you would scroll through Stories, and suddenly watch one that was 16 hours ago, and, like us, realize that it had already been seen.

However, if you want to check if the fix is available for you to download, here's how to do it.

How to update your Instagram on iOS

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As this bug only occurred on an iPhone, regardless of the iOS version, the fix is relatively simple to find and download, if it's available.

1. Open up the App Store, and go to the top right where your account profile picture is. 

2. You'll be brought to your Account page. If you pull down from the top, the latest updates for all of your apps installed on your iPhone, not just Instagram, will appear.

3. You can either select 'Update all' to download all the updates, or find Instagram to have the fix applied.

4. Once it's installed, you'll be able to scroll through Stories again without seeing the same ones appear.

Instagram says that the fix is still rolling out to everyone on the App Store, so it may not have appeared as yet. For now, the best thing to do is to check for updates every few hours until it does appear.

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