Scotland lags behind the rest of the UK in fibre broadband rollout

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A recent State of Fibre report from Intelligens Consulting has revealed that while Scotland is pressing ahead with the country's full fibre broadband rollout plan, it is still lagging behind the rest of the UK when it comes to providing connections.  

The report has found that while full fibre coverage in Scotland has increased from 29% to 36% recently, the nation is now five percent behind the UK average as of January 2023. By contrast, in June 2022, it was only four percent behind. 

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Where is coverage provided in Scotland? 

The report has found that Aberdeen is the top-performing location in Scotland when it comes to full fibre coverage. As of January 2023, 77% of premises in the county have access to full fibre broadband at their home. Other counties in the top five include Edinburgh, Midlothan, Clackmannanshire and Renfrewshire. 

In particular, Dundee and Renfrewshire have seen a sharp increase in full fibre availability in the past couple of years. However, even though counties and cities across Scotland are seeing big increases in fibre availability, no Scottish county features in the report's list of the UK's top 10 full fibre local authorities. 

What is full fibre availability like across the UK? 

As of January 2023, the report estimates that around 41% of premises across the UK have access to full fibre broadband. This represents an 8% increase since June 2022. 

However, the report notes that Scotland has not seen as much growth as the rest of the UK. For example, while Scotland's fibre coverage has grown by 7% over this time period, England's has grown by 8% overall. As a result, Scotland is now 5% behind the UK average. 

However, it's important to point out that the report does note that Scotland faces unique challenges when it comes to introducing full fibre broadband connectivity in more rural and remote areas when compared to the rest of the UK. 

Can I access full fibre at my home? 

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