Get 50% off Iolo Phoenix 360 – exclusively for TechRadar readers

Iolo Phoenix 360

Iolo is offering TechRadar readers 50% off its PC optimization and security suite, Phoenix 360, which our review called "an excellent package – particularly thanks to the inclusion of the superb System Mechanic Pro and Malware Killer".

That means, instead of US$99.95/£72.29, you'll pay just US$49.97/£36.14 with the discount code futuremedia.

The complete Iolo Phoenix 360 suite includes the following PC cleanup, optimization and security tools:

System Mechanic Pro

This complete Windows tuneup suite eliminates junk files, repairs broken registry entries and wipes out browser cookies to improve both PC performance and online privacy.

System Mechanic Pro also features a secure file eraser, and optimization tools for your hard drives and internet connection.

Privacy Guardian

A complete online safety tool that prevents trackers following you around the web and building up a profile (or 'fingerprint') that they can sell to advertisers.


A secure password manager and generator that integrates with your web browser, with encrypted storage for payment card details and text notes.

You can add account details to ByePass manually, or let it catalog them automatically whenever you log into a site. You'll never forget another password.

Malware Killer

A security tool that doesn't just block known threats, but also detects and removes existing infections. Its behavioral analysis identifies new forms of malware even before they've been officially cataloged, and it even picks up unauthorized changes to your browser settings. 

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