Samsung's dual foldable phone is the craziest foldable patent we've seen yet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
(Image credit: Samsung)

After launch of a couple of generations of foldable smartphones and being able to sell them in numbers, Samsung is looking to take it one step further. The South Korean tech company has already proved that it is way ahead of the competition when it comes to foldables – be it design, seamless user interface and the assuring build quality.

While we have already seen a retractable phone concept apart from a triple foldable phone from TCL, Samsung is looking to experiment with a new form factor keeping in mind the use case for professional or business users.

According to a patent document that was spotted by a Dutch publication Lets Go Digital, Samsung is working on a smartphone that has outward folding displays similar to what we’ve seen on Huawei Mate Xs or Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. The patent document suggests that the design is somewhat similar to Mi Mix Alpha as it has two displays that fold outwards.

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital)

Dexterity at its core

Though the patent was first filed in 2018, it was published by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) on October 6. It details that only a small section of the device’s display is visible to the user when it is folded, however, when unfolded, it adds over 85% additional real estate.

What you can also notice in the document are the bare essentials since the patent was filed by Samsung Display rather than Samsung Electronics. However, features like an in-display selfie camera, USB Type-C for connectivity and charging, a headphone jack, volume rocker, power button, sim tray and stereo speakers can be spotted easily.

However, the most prominent thing to notice apart from the display itself is the hinge mechanism. Unlike regular hinge, the one shown in the patent may come with dual retraction facility. It will let the users fold a section of the display further outwards and it can be used as a keyboard while the rest of the display can be vertically placed as a tall display, thanks to a built-in kickstand.

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital)

This patent takes the concept of a portable working device to a different level altogether. A regular 5G capable smartphone when folded, a tablet when fully unfolded and portable computer with a touchscreen keyboard when placed on a tabletop. You also get an immersive multimedia consumption device thanks to the foldable nature of the display.

While you may miss the comfort and satisfaction of using a mouse and a keyboard, however, the versatility such a device may offer is unmatched.

With the evolution of devices with foldable displays, manufacturers have got a blank canvas to paint the picture the way they like. Though what we just saw is still a patent and is still years from being an actual device, we are only excited with the prospect of holding such a versatile device someday.

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