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Samsung ties up with Q Cells for zero energy home solutions

New interface for Samsung SmartThings app
(Image credit: Samsung)

Homes these days are filled with IoT devices that can be power guzzlers as many times they are needed to be kept switched on. But it is equally imperative to keep households more energy efficient, if not for economic reasons then at least for environmental compulsions.

Enter Samsung Electronics, and it has announced a new strategic partnership with Q Cells to provide “zero energy home” solutions.

Q Cells is South Korea-based solar power cells and modules producer.

The two companies will work towards coming up with homes that produce their own power with renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions.

Samsung will provide an eco-friendly heating system (EHS) heat pump and a system that efficiently manages energy consumed by various smart home appliances.

Homes to be self-sufficient on the energy front

Basically, Samsung’s SmartThings Energy service will be connected to Q CELLS’ solar modules and energy storage systems to support efficient energy consumption of home appliances.

For example, this set up could automatically switch home appliances that are connected to the platform to energy-saving mode at night or on cloudy days when solar power harnessing is tough. 

According to Samsung, a zero energy home is energy self-sufficient by utilizing energy that is drawn from the home itself. This is achieved by both producing energy through renewables and reducing energy consumption.

Jaeseung Lee, president and head of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business, said, “We look forward to our collaboration with Q CELLS expanding our presence and strengthening the Samsung brand in global markets. We anticipate great synergy between Samsung’s smart home appliances and SmartThings platform, and Q CELLS’ solar energy and storage solutions.”

To start off, the tie-up will come up with solutions to household appliances in the US and Europe where there is a good demand for green energy.

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