Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s disappointing camera specs leaked in full

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (Image credit: AakashJhaveri)

If you were hoping for big things from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s cameras then you might be disappointed, as a detailed leak suggests that its lenses will be very similar to those on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – but with one significant difference.

Twitter leaker @FrontTron claims that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a triple-lens camera on the back, with the same 12MP IMX555 main sensor as the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The other two rear sensors also sound the same, with there apparently being a 12MP ultra-wide one and a 12MP telephoto one (capable of just 2x optical zoom).

The cover display camera appears to be the same 10MP one too, based on this leak, with the only change being the selfie camera on the foldable screen, which is listed as 16MP here (up from 10MP on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2).

That megapixel change isn’t the significant difference we referred to though, rather it’s that this selfie snapper is supposedly an under-display one, which would be a first for Samsung, though is something we’ve heard rumored before.

So that could make for quite a design upgrade, but in terms of camera quality, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 might not offer anything better than the Z Fold 2. That’s not necessarily a disaster, as the Z Fold 2 is a capable camera phone, but it’s not one of Samsung’s best, and for the money these phones cost it really should be.

Of course, it’s possible that this source is wrong. We’d definitely take their claims with a pinch of salt for now, and we might not know the truth for a while yet, as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is likely to land in August.

Via SamMobile

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