Ryan Reynolds meets his younger self in Netflix's first The Adam Project trailer

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project
(Image credit: Netflix)

A first trailer for The Adam Project, the new science fiction adventure from Netflix, has arrived. 

The film features a starry cast with Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldaña, Jennifer Garner and Catherine Keener all in key roles. 

Shawn Levy, director of Free Guy, teams up with Reynolds once more to take charge of this movie. 

One of the highlights of Netflix's gigantic 2022 movie slate, the trailer for The Adam Project shows off a family-focused, big-budget adventure. 

What is The Adam Project?

Adam is Adam Reed, the character played by Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell. 

The older Reed is a time-traveling fighter pilot, who has crash-landed in 2022, where he meets his 12-year-old self as well as Garner and Ruffalo, who play his parents. 

Together they set out on a mission to save the future, which looks like it'll include plenty of action. 

What can we expect from The Adam Project?

Levy has form for big-hearted family adventures, having overseen the critically-mauled, but hugely successful Night At The Museum trilogy. He's also an executive producer on Stranger Things and has directed a big chunk of the Netflix's hit drama's biggest episodes, giving him a real feel for this genre. Sci-fi for the whole family, but with a strong sense of wonder. 

The director has talked up some seminal movies in the making of The Adam Project, telling Collider: "There's a load of action and really all the things we want from a time travel adventure movie, but it's ultimately very much a descendant of Frequency and Field of Dreams. And the fun of it is very much kind of Back to the Future-inspired, but the heart of it is more Frequency and Field of Dreams."

As you'll have seen in the trailer, the script also offers up plenty of room for Reynolds to be his usual wise-cracking self. Which is always nice. 

What is The Adam Project's release date?

Netflix are usually quite tight-lipped around release dates, but we do have one for this movie. 

The Adam Project will debut on Netflix around the world on March 11. 

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